Founded in 1990 J Visser Design is an award-winning boutique residential architecture and design firm that believes well-designed houses will both enhance the quality of life for the people that live in them and increase the value of their investment.


There are infinite ways to arrange rooms to create a house. It is the site, client's wishes, and budget that give direction to what is the appropriate design. Our approach to design is intentionally organic and with this curated process, we spend a great deal of time getting to know the client, site, wish list, and budget intimately before ever putting a line on paper. This enables us to create a truly custom home to meet the client's specific needs and harmoniously blend it with the site and its environment.


A well-designed house has a sense of order, and this order is carried throughout the building down to the smallest detail. Equally important is the home's relationship with outdoor spaces and available natural light, allowing a connection to the site and the amenities it has to offer.


Craftsmanship, scale, and basic good taste are the characteristics of houses that delight and endure. They look better with age; they grow more loved as the years go by. They add value to their owners and their communities. We design houses that stand the test of time.




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Team Members

Jeff Visser


Curt Visser


Eric Meyers


Tim O'Hara


Steve Hester


Curtis Bac


Emily Morgan-Kurth